The Discipleship Project

A groundbreaking approach to theological education inspired by Jesus’ pedagogy in the New Testament Gospels

How would Jesus teach? It’s a question Christian Theological Seminary (CTS) seeks to answer anew with its launch of The Discipleship Project.

In the fall semester of 2012, CTS began offering 12 scholarships for full-time, residential M.Div. students, including tuition and a $12,000 annual stipend. In addition to their regular M.Div. coursework, each year’s cohort of scholars will meet regularly with two faculty mentors, engage outstanding community leaders, and visit vibrant congregations to learn first-hand about what works—and what doesn’t—in Christian ministry today.

“According to the Gospels, the ‘school’ Jesus had in mind was often in the field and on the move,” said CTS President Matthew Myer Boulton. “It was immersive, experiential, and grounded in the idea that learning happens best through mission and mentorship. And so it took the form of a relatively small group – the word ‘disciple’ means ‘student’ – learning together with Jesus, and then staying connected with each other in ministry along the way.”

We invite you to explore this site:
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Featured Posts

  • God has not stopped calling people into ministry

    Feb 12, 2014 | The Discipleship Project

    By Carol F. Johnston | The Discipleship Project is exploring innovative ways to equip them for life-giving and world-transforming ministries. God has not stopped calling young people into ministry, just because churches are shrinking and increasing numbers of young adults are saying they don’t belong to any religion. Yes, church membership is down. Yes, seminary enrollments are down. Business as usual cannot go on.

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  • Resolutions of hope

    Jan 15, 2014 | The Discipleship Project

    By Maggie May Archibald | As I write this we have just celebrated the beginning of another New Year. For me, the beginning of the New Year is very similar to the beginning of seminary. When I first began seminary, I was excited for what this new chapter of my life would bring. I was filled with hope about my future and education. I was looking forward to meeting my new classmates and future colleagues.

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Featured News

  • Posted Oct 14, 2013 The Discipleship Project

    Second cohort of TDPers announced

    Christian Theological Seminary is pleased to announce the second cohort of students selected for The Discipleship Project, a groundbreaking experiment in theological education at CTS. All in their first year of the M.Div. degree program, these new “TDPers” hail from states as far away as California, Florida, and Colorado, as well as Indiana.

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  • Posted Mar 15, 2013 The Discipleship Project

    First twelve TDPers launch new program at CTS

    The first go at any new project is usually somewhat experimental. The first cohort selected for Christian Theological Seminary’s new Discipleship Project (they call themselves TDPers) is embracing the opportunity to test the project’s goals of community building and spiritual formation.

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