Caps and gowns

Posted Jun 12, 2013 | The Discipleship Project


By Nick Green

Nick GreenI saw them in their caps and gowns. The vestments seemed to amplify the joy in their faces, reaffirming what I had come to expect from them over my first two years of seminary. Together, we had grown in our struggles. I recall late nights helping each other commit those Hebrew vocab words to memory. I recall painful and uncertain times listening to each other as we faced the realities ahead. Now I saw them on this joyous occasion, having overcome those difficulties, having reached such a milestone in their lives, having arrived at the culmination of their experiences at Christian Theological Seminary (CTS).

Yet when I saw them in their caps and gowns, I felt the stab of sorrow that comes from the void they will leave. Education at CTS comes from more than our rigorous studies. It comes from the community we share together. Without this community, I would have gained the knowledge, but I would not have known the depth of spirit that comes from listening to those with different histories, with different cultural backgrounds, and at different stages of life. I would not have known the vulnerability that comes from opening ourselves up to each other. I would not have known the power that comes when we unite in our commitment to serve a God greater than any of us.

I chose CTS because of the opportunity to share in such diversity. The community I have found here has shown me both the rewards and the challenges that come from such a commitment. I chose The Discipleship Project because of the opportunity to actively help form CTS community life. This past year I have joined with talented individuals with different histories, with different cultural backgrounds, and at different stages of life, who all share this same commitment. This too has brought rewards and challenges. As I look forward to the next two years, I remember the ones I saw dressed in their caps and gowns. They remind me that it’s worth the effort.

As I think of these graduates and the impact they’ve had on me, and as I think of all the students who will come to CTS with such aspirations, and as a member of The Discipleship Project, I commit myself once again to the community that God can build in us. Then we can make the most of our education. Then we will have even more to take with us when we wear those caps and gowns.

Nick Green just finished his second year as a Masters of Divinity student at CTS.  He serves as a student pastor at Iglesia Nueva Creación in Indianapolis.

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