What does community mean at CTS?

Posted Mar 18, 2013 | Center for Pastoral Excellence


By Hope Hampton

Community. The word usually means a group of people living or working in the same place. Here at CTS we are a community of people who train, or support the training of, disciples of Jesus Christ for church and community leadership to participate in transforming the world.

What an amazing blessing it is to be a part of this work. It is exciting to be here during this time of transformation. When I say transformation I don’t mean transforming into something that no longer looks like or is seminary. Rather, we are experiencing something new. CTS is striving to, and will become part of, a greater exchange.

What does that mean, you may ask? You probably know that CTS is a seminary with high academic standards, a nationally recognized faculty, and a variety of excellent degree programs. You may know that some of the very best and brightest minds and lights in the kingdom of God pass through our doors to be educated in Christian service. Perhaps your pastor is a graduate, or you have been the beneficiary of the incredible care that a graduate of our Counseling Center can provide. We are happy that our reputation in these areas is strong, but we are on a new journey.

We are setting a path to teach and train Christian leaders who care about our world and exchange their ideas and thoughts with those in our community who work with the Holy Spirit daily. We want those people to become stronger and deeper partners. We want to build partnerships where they do not currently exist. We want our community to see us as a resource, not just for training clergy, but for helping leaders train beyond the pulpit. We want to meet our community where it is and support their efforts to care for the least of these. We want to be a resource for thought and use. We intend to go into the community and find out how you need us and we also invite you to come in.

I plan to use this blog space to share what we are learning on a regular basis. What are we learning about how the Holy Spirit is at work today? What can we do to support that work? Perhaps it will just be to inform our CTS community and readers and they can decide how the information resonates with them. Perhaps we will learn things that compel us to action. Maybe and most certainly we will learn that we always have so much more to learn.

Keep watching us. We are just getting started.

Hope Y. Hampton is the Director of Community Relations at Christian Theological Seminary. Her position is part of the Center for Pastoral Excellence at CTS.

Community Relations at CTS seeks to build relationships with local and regional partners in churches and non-profit organizations. To request permission to repost this content, please contact centerforpastoralexcellence@cts.edu.