Exploring pastoral excellence: Inviting blog submissions

Posted May 01, 2014 | Center for Pastoral Excellence


By Verity A. Jones

Verity A. JonesIn the Center for Pastoral Excellence, we are continually exploring what pastoral excellence means, what it looks like, how it is practiced, and how those insights and practices can be shared. We are pleased to share the excellent work of the five initiatives that comprise the Center by curating their blogs and news stories. We are learning a great deal from each other about pastoral excellence, such as the role that excellent preaching plays in the building up of community and the power of art to renew the spirit of pastors.

Now we’d like to widen the conversation, and we hope you will help us. We’d love to hear from pastors of all kinds who are doing excellent work in ministry about their opinions of what pastoral excellence means. While we have worked with pastors, and some of us are pastors ourselves, we are eager to hear from others around the nation so that all of us might benefit from a broad view of ministry in America today.

And so we are inviting pastors to contribute to the Center for Pastoral Excellence blog. We will publish one new post on this topic every month and can pay a $100 stipend to writers whose works are chosen for publication.

To participate in this blog, please send a 500–700 word blog post with your thoughts on any one of the questions below. Please include a short (one- to two- sentence) bio at the end of your post introducing yourself to our blog readers. You are welcome to include links to your church or institutional website in your bio. Please submit it to the following: centerforpastoralexcellence@cts.edu.


What is pastoral excellence?

What does it mean to you to strive for excellence in ministry? What does it look like in your life and ministry?

Currently, what is the most important thing you do to strive for excellence in ministry? What difference does it make in the lives of your community?

Should pastors strive for excellence? What's at stake if they do, if they don’t?

How does one teach pastoral excellence?

While it is tempting to address all the questions in one post (because they are so closely related), please try to focus on just one question and give it your full and nuanced attention. You are welcome to submit more than one post and to do so over time.

If your submission is selected for publication on the Center for Pastoral Excellence blog, we will contact you to request a W-9 form for processing your stipend and a copy of a photo to include with your post.

We hope you will join in our conversation on this important topic. We know you have lots to say.

Verity A. Jones is the executive director of the Center for Pastoral Excellence at Christian Theological Seminary.

The Center for Pastoral Excellence at CTS addresses the long arc of ministry from discernment to training to sustaining excellence ministry. To request permission to repost this content, please contact centerforpastoralexcellence@cts.edu.