New Media Project

Helping religious leaders become theologically savvy about technology

From 2010 to 2017, the New Media Project aimed to help religious leaders think theologically about digital technology. We think leaders need more than primers in building websites and using social media tools. We believe that leaders of faith communities also need a larger interpretive framework for recognizing and evaluating what’s happening in communication today. Even though the major shift in patterns and tools of communication brought about by digital technology will have a lasting effect on the church, compelling theological interpretations of the shift have not yet been adequately developed. Nor do sufficient strategic frameworks yet exist to help faith communities move forward using technology in theologically responsible ways.

We aimed to change that. The New Media Project is wrapping up its formal work in the Spring and Summer of 2017. We hope the resources on this site will continue to be helpful into the future. 

Explore the project on this website: Read the blog, case studies, and theological essays. View the videos from our February 8, 2013 conference, Digital Church: Theology and New Media. Most of it can be accessed from the Findings page.

Featured Posts

  • New media materials

    Posted Mar 27, 2017 | New Media Project

    By Nick Buck | I recently had the pleasure of leading a workshop on behalf of the New Media Project, sponsored by the Center for Congregations and held at Christian Theological Seminary, on new media and ministry. Throughout my presentation, I referenced and used a few resources I want to make readily available here.

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  • Divided presence

    Posted Feb 06, 2017 | New Media Project

    Being with, or being present to, is essentially meaningful, attentive relating. As such, it is demanding on those of us who labor under the conditions of finitude. Our being is limited and can be exhausted. We have only so much presence to give, only so many to whom we can be present.

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Featured News

  • Posted Jun 22, 2016 | New Media Project

    New Media Project presents at Wisconsin UCC event

    Nick Buck, Associate Director of the New Media Project, joined the Wisconsin Conference UCC for an all-day digital ministry workshop in April. This digital ministry workshop, organized by local clergy members Rev. Phil Haslanger and Rev. Kerri Parker, was designed to help church leaders better understand the frontier of digital media for ministry.

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  • Posted May 16, 2016 | New Media Project

    Introducing The Storebox

    We are delighted to announce that The Storebox is now live. The New Media Project Storebox is a place to gather as many different “case studies” as we can of what Christians are doing in the vast, expanding, intimate, connected, and interconnected landscape of digital media. It is a repository of Christian “experiments” in new and digital media.

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