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  • Technology gives us more of us

    Posted Jan 04, 2013 | New Media Project

    By Jason Byassee | Poised for my family’s first trip to Disney World, I find myself thinking about the Simpsons’ mockup of Epcot Center: “It was built in 1974 to say how awesome things would be in 1987.” I’m sure they’ve updated Futureworld a little, but the secret to Disney, as with any marketing empire, is that successful cannot be about technology alone. Technology becomes dated too quickly.

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  • An old Bond

    Posted Nov 27, 2012 | New Media Project

    By Jason Byassee | You don’t normally expect to go to Bond movies for profundity. You watch Bond for a few familiar things: buxom babes (now brainier and badder); luxuries, like 50-year old Macallan; gravity-defying chases, like this one’s motorcycle one across rooftops in Istanbul. But the most recent Bond installment offers some reflection on technology that can be of use to people of faith.

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  • When online worship fails

    Posted Nov 06, 2012 | New Media Project

    By Jason Byassee | “Our online worship hasn’t played out like we thought it would.” So confesses Kem Meyer, Director of Communications of Granger Community Church. A rare confession from a leader of any megachurch. It’s hard for any human being to admit failure—how much more so when a place has tasted repeated success?

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  • On the one hand...

    Posted Oct 02, 2012 | New Media Project

    By Jason Byassee | My back and forth on new media continues…. The Apple Corporation is trying to get our local county to let it give free iPads to all public school students. My three boys would suddenly have something they’ve wanted that their parents have resisted: easy access to the Internet. They’ll also have something that Apple wants desperately—their lifelong brand loyalty.

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  • Fools for Truth

    Posted Sep 04, 2012 | New Media Project

    By Jason Byassee | One of the frequent apologies for new media is that it democratizes access to news. At least since John Milton, Westerners have had confidence that the more the information gets out, the more the truth will win out (Milton himself capitalized Truth in an explicit reference to God in Doug Underwood’s From Yahweh to Yahoo!: The Religious Roots of the Secular Press).

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