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Posted Jan 24, 2013 | New Media Project


By Verity A. Jones

Really. We’d like to know what you’d like to read on the New Media Project blog in 2013.

Last week I shared that around Ash Wednesday, we will launch four to six week series of mid-week blog posts on one topic. Building on the strength of the New Media Project, we’ll explore one topic from the different theological, practical, and historical lens of our research fellows and guest writers.

A few have suggested topics on the New Media Project Facebook page. Others have posted comments and emailed us. Wil Ranney asked for a discussion about how new media may lead to new ecclesiologies not currently represented by religious institutions today. Sarah Flinn Erickson asked about education, lifelong learning, and the relationship between teacher and learner.

Great ideas! To demonstrate how this series idea might work, if we published a six week series on Wil’s idea, blog writers would address how their own traditions and theological bents think about potentially new ecclesiologies, responding to the other writers’ different perspectives as well. We would also include recommended resources and how-to information, perhaps like a rubric to explore models of church and how they respond to or resist a world increasingly shaped by social media use. We would undoubtedly link to Jim Rice’s essay on models of church and perhaps create a new set of study questions to accompany it.

One goal here is to demonstrate theological dialogue about digital communication, i.e., thinking theologically about new media, in the medium itself. A second goal is to produce sets of material that could easily become curricula for religious leaders and communities of faith seeking to think theologically about new media.

We really would like your help to identify and select topics for these series. What topics would you like us to cover? Prayer, privacy online, educational models, distraction and attentiveness, community-building, what else? To respond, write a comment, email us at, or best of all, share it on our Facebook page.

Verity A. Jones is the executive director of the Center for Pastoral Excellence at Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, and project director of the New Media Project which is now part of this new Center.

The New Media Project is a research project helping religious leaders become theologically savvy about technology. To request permission to repost this content, please contact



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