If social media were a superhero …

Posted Feb 22, 2013 | New Media Project


By Verity A. Jones

Okay, so maybe it's a nonsensical question, but it's fun, right? If social media were a superhero, who would it be?

An abundance of fun was had by most at the February 8, 2013 conference, Digital Church: Theology and New Media, despite the terrible snowstorm bearing down on us.

Liz Myer Boulton, the director of SALT Project was on hand to record the event. She captured this little fun moment with a few pastors and me. Full footage of the event, as well as more fun moments like this, are coming soon. Stay tuned.

Verity A. Jones is the executive director of the Center for Pastoral Excellence at Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, and project director of the New Media Project which is now part of this new Center.

The New Media Project is a research project helping religious leaders become theologically savvy about technology. To request permission to repost this content, please contact newmediaproject@cts.edu.



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