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  • Election politics and the practice of Facebook charity

    Nov 13, 2012 | New Media Project

    By Kathryn Reklis | Anyone on Facebook knows that one of its virtues (or vices?) is the ability to connect with old friends and acquaintances: your middle school girl friend who moved states before high school, that guy who used to pester you in biology class, your mother’s high-school friend who likes to keep tabs on your growing children.

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  • Having cancer in a digital age

    Nov 09, 2012 | New Media Project

    By Deanna Thompson, guest blogger | Not many years ago, I had a dim view of the Internet’s ability to create cultures of anything productive. Living and working with others constantly connected to—and distracted by—digital tools left me skeptical that any new relational depth was being plumbed through our wired lives.

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  • When online worship fails

    Nov 06, 2012 | New Media Project

    By Jason Byassee | “Our online worship hasn’t played out like we thought it would.” So confesses Kem Meyer, Director of Communications of Granger Community Church. A rare confession from a leader of any megachurch. It’s hard for any human being to admit failure—how much more so when a place has tasted repeated success?

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  • Should preachers seek more ‘audience feedback’?

    Nov 02, 2012 | New Media Project

    By Jim Rice | Through the ages, writing was usually a solitary pursuit. Ink was applied to papyrus, by quill, pen, or keyboard, and if any feedback were to be offered, it was often long after the writing was done. That’s all changed, of course, in the digital age. A blog entry, Facebook post, or tweet receives almost-instant response, and the writer can argue or agree with the responder, and even in many cases go back and amend the original entry.

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  • What churches do

    Oct 30, 2012 | New Media Project

    By Monica A. Coleman | “Can your church help out with that? Isn’t this what churches do?” I heard that question on two separate occasions as I planned for the arrival of my firstborn child.

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