New Media Findings

What have you learned? That’s usually the first question we’re asked when we tell folks about the New Media Project. Now in the second year of the project, we have quite a bit to say when answering that question.

From this page you can access virtually all of our work so far, including the most recent items—our six theological essays on social media.

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FAQ — Select this link for Frequently Asked Questions, an easy way to access our work. Find your question, and discover what others ask us too.

Questions — Go to this page for a great set of initial questions that offer a creative way into the six theological essays. This would be a good resource from which to build a small group study.

Essays — Go here to find our six excellent theological essays, the heart of the New Media Project.
Recommendations — Select this link for our best thinking about best social media practices to date … when you just need a little advice.

Case Studies — Go to the case studies page to access the six case studies on innovative projects that we conducted in 2011.

Downloadable resources  — Select this link for PDF versions of the questions, essays, recommendations, and case studies for easier printing for offline study and discussion groups.

And don’t forget the blog. We’re still writing about the latest trends and questions for the church.