Quest Church
Seattle, Washington

Quest Church describes itself as “an urban, multi-generational, and multi-ethnic church in Seattle striving to be an incarnational presence in a postmodern and post-church culture.” Quest Church is a growing “emerging” church that thrives in community group settings around Seattle. Sophisticated social media and new media help maintain ties in the congregation and connect new people to small groups and other ministries. Follow the church on Facebook, and Twitter, or sign up for videos and podcasts.

Eugene Cho is the founding and lead pastor of Quest and the executive director of Q Cafe, which is a non-profit neighborhood cafe in Seattle featuring direct trade coffee and tea, art, and live music. He's also the founder of One Day's Wages, a non-profit organization focused on global poverty. Born in South Korea, he immigrated to the U.S. at age six and grew up in San Francisco. He received his theological training at Princeton Theological Seminary. Eugene and some of his work have been covered through various media including the New York Times, Seattle Times, and NPR. Follow Eugene’s blog here.

Quest Church is affiliated with Evangelical Covenant Church.

This case study was conducted by Research Fellow Jim Rice and published in November, 2011.

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