About the Academy of Preaching and Celebration

We believe best way to let you know about us is to answer three important questions:

Why does the Academy of Preaching and Celebration exist?

We believe that African-American preaching and worship is central to a national renaissance in worship, preaching, and congregational life.

Therefore, the Academy of Preaching and Celebration exists to generate excellence in preaching and worship by exploring the genius of the African-American tradition to transform the church and world through deepened faith and biblical practice.

How do we carry out our mission (why do we exist)?

We have unique core values that shape and direct our work to bring our mission to life:

• Organic concern that preaching happens in the context of worship;
• Passionate pursuit of creative and relevant sermons that offer hope;
• Purposeful use of technology/media to deliver preaching and worship across multiple platforms;
• Application of best practice insights to generate highest level of preaching and worship;
• Inclusive African-American preaching tradition open to all;
• Inclusive of preaching traditions of Africa, the African Diaspora, and the multiplicity of African-American preaching traditions within and external to the Christian faith;

What are our programs and resources?

Our program and services are established upon the foundation of three pillars:

Applied performance

Professional development workshops on preaching and worship for working pastors and lay leaders;

Special programs for CTS students—course modules on specific preaching and worship skills bringing together students and seasoned practitioners;

Annual preaching/worship festivals for the general public when choirs and preachers can gather to celebrate.

Prophetic preaching

Host one major academic conference each year, drawing together scholars from both academy and church;

Establish and lead the first-ever prophetic preaching track;

Connect to the global preaching community, particularly in the African Diaspora and South Africa.

Family ministry

Offer individual and group coaching services to spouses and clergy around issues of balance in ministry;

Develop classes, workshops, etc. to highlight clergy and spousal strategies for balance;

Develop community-based clergy spouse support groups.

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Join us

We hope you will join us in this endeavor. Become part of the community talking about these issues. Share your thoughts and insights, questions and ponderings through comments on pages and blog posts. Join our Facebook page or Twitter feed.

More about the Academy of Preaching and Celebration

The Academy of Preaching and CelebrationTo learn more about the Academy of Preaching and Celebration, download this slide presentation (PDF, 472 KB) by Frank A. Thomas about this initiative.