Encouragement for the holidays

Posted Dec 16, 2016 | Academy of Preaching and Celebration

By Joyce Thomas

The holiday season is upon us and clergy families will start their usual march to the many celebrations and worship services from now to the end of the year. Clergy families will be invited by different ministries, boards, and church members to different holiday gatherings. For many, there will be invitation after invitation – maybe even three or four a week – to celebrate Christmas and the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The holidays can be full of excitement, joy, laughter, family, and fun.

Amidst the holiday busyness, I encourage you, clergy spouses, to help your families pace themselves so that everyone can enjoy a holiday season full of excitement and rest.  A well-rested body and spirit will help start the New Year with power and strength. It is important to take time both for church festivities and for yourselves. Rest is its own form of celebration. Remember, January is coming and a new year of ministry awaits.

We would like to wish all clergy spouses, clergy, and clergy families


from Dr. Joyce Thomas
The Academy of Preaching and Celebration

Dr. Joyce Scott Thomas is the Associate Director of the Academy of Preaching and Celebration.

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