Clergy Renewal Program for Indiana Congregations

2017 Indiana Informational Meeting – The 2017 Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Program for Indiana Congregations informational meeting will be at Christian Theological Seminary on November 14, 2016, from 1:30–3:30 pm in the CTS Shelton Auditorium.
Application materials (the “Request for Proposals” or “RFP” document) for the 2017 Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Programs are available below and include a full description of program guidelines and eligibility. Applicants may apply using the print application (the "Request for Proposals" or "RFP" document that may be downloaded as a PDF) or the online application system. The deadline to apply is April 21, 2017. Congregations will be notified as to whether their proposals are to be funded or not in late August 2017. Activities funded by a 2017 grant in the clergy renewal programs may begin anytime in 2018. 

Request for Proposals (RFP)

The “Request for Proposals” document outlines eligibility requirements as well as the process for submitting a proposal.

Request for Proposals (PDF, 522 KB) for the Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Program for Indiana Congregations
• Fillable paper application pages from the Request for Proposals (PDF, 127 KB) for the Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Program for Indiana Congregations. Please note: download this form and save it to your computer first before entering your information.

To apply using the online application system

• Log in to the online system

* PLEASE NOTE that this system is best accessed using a desktop or laptop computer and one of the following browsers: Microsoft® Internet Explorer® versions 9, 10, and 11, Apple® Safari® version 8.x on Mac OS X, Microsoft® Edge for Windows® 10, and recent stable versions of Mozilla® Firefox® and Google Chrome™. This system may be logged into and out of while for multiple sessions while preparing an application.

Additional Information

The following documents contain helpful information, tips and examples for preparing proposals for submission to this program. Anyone choosing to prepare and submit a proposal in this program should access and download this information by clicking on the links below.

What makes a high-quality proposal? (PDF, 295 KB)
• Grace notes (PDF, 413 KB)